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This is must-have template for business people. You'll get elegant and clean design with lot of pre-made sections.

Elegant Design
Responsive Layout
Easy setup
HTML5 and CSS3
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Crafted with Zurb Foundation framework
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Main Features

Below are some of reasons why you should purchase Arcus.
Feature list
Fast Support

If you have problem or question about template, I suggest you to register on support forum and to open new thread with your problem/question.

Responsive Layout

As the years go by, mobile phones slowly but surely changing computer. To keep track of global trends, we create for you responsive design.

Well Commented

In order to help you with template customization, we have put a lot of comments into main files. Now you can easily edit any part of template.

Video Tutorials

All you need to customize Arcus template

With Arcus template you'll get help file and well commented files. If you need additional help, before you contact us, check all tutorials for the Arcus. If you still can't find answer on your question/problem, please register on our forum and open new thread.



Present your work in the best possible way

Are you looking for designers?

We are always ready to cooperate. We try to help everyone and to make this world more beautiful. Contact us!

Behind the scene

People who are responsible for all

Jordan Bourne

Web designer

Jane Woods


John Philips



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